The Ballerina II built in Penryn came with either an inboard engine or an outboard motor well for an outboard engine. Standard inboard installations included the Aila Craig "Albin" 0/11, a 5 h.p. four-stroke gas engine. The Stuart Turner 4 h.p. has also been installed in a number of Ballerinas .. as has the Vire 103 BVR, a 6 h.p. two-stroke engine.

In the case of an outboard engine longshaft outboard is required. On Penryn (Sail #217) a 6 h.p. Johnson (below) which works well ... until I had trouble with the engine.

The above picture shows the trunk with outboard motor. The trunk is 12 inches wide (port to starboard) and 18 inches (bow to stern). The trunk has a top cover as well as a bottom piece that can slide down the trunk. Here is a picture with the cover off.

engine well with cover off

Engine well with cover on


Here is a picture (below) of the engine well looking up from the bottom. Please notice that corners have small triangles. These hold the bottom "cover" from falling out.

Engine well from bottom

The bottom cover has some turning latches that hold it in place.

Here is a picture (below) of the bottom cover in place.




During the winter of 2004-2005 I decided to replace PENRYN's engine with a new four stoke engine.

Progress on this coming soon...

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