8 foot Rowing/Sailing Dinghy

This classic 8 foot fiberglass/wood dinghy is similar to the Dyer Dhow Midget designed by Philip L. Rhodes. It is the perfect tender for the cruising sailor. It is also excellent as a day sailer for your cottage on the lake. She is easy to handle for the kids to putter around in to learn basic sailing skills.  The 12 foot mast on this dinghy is made by the Dyer company in Rhode Island.

Length Over All: 7.92 feet
Beam: 4.08 feet
Rig Type: Mast head sloop.

Oars and one life jacket Included

Also included is an extra dinghy sail that could be easily converted to fit this dinghy. A good winter project!

Location: The Gorman House, 500 Lakeshore Drive, Ontonagon

Phone: 906 884 2397

Price: $600.00

Say the magic words ... "I love sailing" ... and the price is $500.00

If you're into serious sailing, check this out ...


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6 Foot Rowing Dinghy/Tender

This useful all wood pram dinghy can be uses just for rowing/fishing or as a tender for a large cruiser.


Length: 6 feet    Beam: 42 inches    Depth: 15 inches     Weight:  55 pounds

Construction:  Cypress longtiudinal members, such as keels, chines, sheer rails, etc.  Cypress seat tops and corner blocks.  1/4 marine plywood sides and bottom.  All bronze screws and marine glue.

Includes: 5 foot wood oars wirh traditional bronze oar locks and leather and buttons.

Price:  $500.   Orginal cost over $1,000.

500 Lakeshore Drive, Ontonagon, Michigan

Phone: 906 884 2397